March Happenings

Hello, hello! Can you BELIEVE today is the first day of April? I feel like March just completely flew by. I’ve been busy with a new work project so that may have been the reason, but I feel like just yesterday I was:

1. Starting the #sweathappywithyoga challenge, which was not only an amazing experience, but was hosted by three awesome bloggers: Kim from BusyBod, Paige from Fit Not Fad, and Erin from The Almond Eater. All three of them are clearly great yogis, and were interactive and encouraging throughout. It was so much fun!


These were some of my favorite poses. Though I have lots of work to do, I learned a lot about each of these moves and it felt great to do even 10 minutes of yoga every day.

2. Cooking up something green for The Healthy Maven’s St. Paddy’s Day link-up! I wasn’t sure I could come up with something both green and tasty, but I did and it was as much fun to photograph as it was to eat! I’ve been a spinach smoothie devotee since. 😀


3. Excited for warmer weather and sunshine. Unfortunately, that has yet to fully materialize, but I have high hopes for this coming week!

March was also a month of great workouts and delicious food. I amped up my Pilates practice and made it a regular part of my routine, and added Doonya, the super fun, super intense Bollywood workout, to my rotation as well.

We had some amazing restaurant week dinners and cooked up some new recipes, several of which I’ll be sharing in April. Overall, it was a packed month!

This week, we’ll be on the road – first to attend my friend Mallory’s vow renewal, and then to visit some college friends! I’m excited to ring in the new month with some of my favorite people.

Here’s to a great April!


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    I’m so happy you participated in the challenge and enjoyed it. I totally agree that even ten minutes makes a difference. That’s what I really started to notice when I started doing challenges. :)

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      It totally does! I’m upset that I had to skip out on the current one because I’m just in too many places this month, but I’ve found myself doing a pose here and there in the middle of the day as a stretch!

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    How is March done and we’re a week into April?! Time needs to sloooooooow down. Also I literally woke up and decided I like smoothies again and now I’m a total devotee. You better bet I am packing in the spinach!

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      I know! Time is flying! I kind of wanted it that way for a while because I was so over the cold but now that things are warming up, I’m perfectly okay with the month slowing down a little, especially because it’s only a matter of time before we’re all hating on the heat 😉

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