The Only NYC Winery in Existance + Sunshine

Hey guys! Guess what two very unexpected things occurred this past weekend?

The sun came out. :O

And we toured the only winery in NYC!

Last month, I got my boyfriend two tickets to a wine tour at the City Winery, which is also a restaurant and concert space in Greenwich Village. I’ve actually been there once before for a [delicious] lunch, and even though I knew they poured their wine from taps, it never occurred to me that the whole operation was actually taking place right there in the same building! Of course their grapes are grown elsewhere, in places like California, Oregon, and upstate New York, but they make the wine and age it. Turns out if you have a spare 10k lying around, you can create your own blend, have them store it in a barrel for you, and drink out of it whenever you want. Sounds like a good place to invest a few (hundred) Benjamins!

The whole experience was a lot of fun and very informational, and included a wine and cheese tasting after the tour. If you’re in the city and have an hour to two to spare, I recommend this!

Since it was another one of those rare beautiful days, we walked around the Village some more before meeting friends for an outdoor dinner. It felt so good to sit outside and pretend that snow and bitter cold wouldn’t be in the forecast for another 8 or so months. But alas, we are back to frigid temperatures for the next few days. Lets hope it’s all warmth and sunshine after this!

This week I have lots of work on my plate, but I’m also hoping for some good workouts and a few delicious home-cooked meals. We decided to make March a frugal month since we have a few trips coming up, so there’s been a lot of cooking and a little bit of recipe developing going on in the evenings. I’ll share any good ones over the coming weeks!

Wishing you a wonderful week and a lot of sunshine!


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    I had no idea there was a winery in the city! It was sooo awful being stuck inside for literally the whole day on Saturday when it was so nice out, and now it’s freezing again and the forecast is all rain! Argh. John keeps trying to cheer me up by telling me this is probably the last big drop but I’m still grumpy about it.

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      I feel the same way! So far, despite the rain, the forecast is at least showing temps in the 50’s and 60’s for more than one or two consecutive days, so lets keep our fingers crossed! If you guys are in the city sometime, I definitely recommend a stop at the winery, even if it’s for lunch and a glass of wine rather than the tour.

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    Ooo I’ve heard of this place and have been wanting to try it out. Will have to build it in to my next trip to the city. Looks like fun! And yes this cold needs to end now! Let’s hope it does soon :)

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