Is Butter Making a Comeback?

Happy Thursday! I can’t think of a witty way to launch into my discussion of butter, so I’m just going to stop beating around the bush and tell you that according to a writer at the NY Times, butter – the natural, full fat kind – is making a comeback because it is no longer a threat to our heart health and weight.


K sent me an article yesterday called “Butter is Back” and prefaced it with “it’s very opinionated, but interesting nonetheless…” This meant he was worried about my reaction, which would undoubtedly be one of complete disagreement.

As someone who takes healthy eating pretty seriously, I try to avoid using butter, sugar, white flour, etc. when I can, but I also take issue with sugar alternatives, processed foods packed with preservatives and additions that I can’t pronounce, and any other “ingredient” that promises the taste of the things we love but try to exclude from our diets. That said, I HAVE found what I believe to be healthy, delicious alternatives to things like butter and even sugar.

If you don’t feel like giving the article a read through, here’s the quick and dirty: due to recent findings that suggest saturated fat may not be bad for us after all, it’s okay to stop the endless search for fat-free this and fat-free that and resume eating real, full fat butter.  It’s not the real butter that’s damaging to our health, it’s all the foods (including other types of “butters”) that are packed with unknown ingredients, sugars, and antibiotics that are causing us harm, especially because they give us the impression that we can eat more of them.

While I don’t think I’ll be using tons of butter in anything any time soon, I do agree with the underlying ideas here. I strongly believe in moderation and don’t think it’s the end of the world to have something sweet or buttery here and there. Findings about saturated fat and sugar, as well as other food contents, will change and come and go. These are things we don’t know for sure- at least not yet.

What about what we do know?

We know that eating a largely plant-based diet works, as does staying active and taking care of our mental health. We know that staying hydrated, sleeping well, keeping our stress levels low and spending time with the people we love works. To me, these are the things that play a very big role in keeping us healthy.

Unfortunately, for the most part, we still don’t know what exactly causes all the terrifying illnesses that as health conscious individuals, we spend lots of time trying to avoid. We should continue trying to avoid them, but by focusing on what we can and do know, which is eating clean, living well, staying active, and yes, eating some butter here and there 😉

Have a beautiful Thursday everyone! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


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    i actually tend to agree with this concept! nutritionists and my friend K (who’s a holistic health coach and organic FOODIE, hehe) also say that butter is one of those ‘good fats’ – not fake butter – real butter. salmon, red meat and avocado are some other ‘good fats’ that apparently play a role in boosting our mental health : ) i think the certain fats get a bad rep, but it’s not necessarily due to those foods per say, it’s what you’re combining it with (i.e. other sugars or heavy carbs, etc, etc). studies come and go all the time, but it’s def food for thought. pun intended ; )

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      I think so too. I do tend to stay away from too much butter of any kind, but sugar and other additives is really what takes foods from what they are originally and turns them into an overly sweetened, processed piece of junk. I think after reading the article and giving this some thought I will stop obsessing so much about butter, even if I won’t necessarily be adding it to my diet on a regular basis. I’m a Smart Balance fan, too! Have you tried it?

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          Smart Balance is a butter spread that is fortified with omega-3’s, flax, etc. Some is made with olive oil, some is lower in fat, etc. It does have a fair amount of “extra” ingredients, but I love the taste of it and the fact that it has an extra kick of the good stuff. That said, I don’t love all the additives.

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    Read this article too and totally agree with your philosophy. I’m not so sure all the paleo-followers out there are necessarily following the principle of moderation which is kind of concerning for me but I do agree that a little bit of everything is totally fine. Since research is still inconclusive on both fronts I’ll continue to do exactly what I have been doing. A little bit of butter and coconut oil here and the egg yolks along with my eggs whites in an omelette. So far so good! Thanks for bringing awareness :)

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      Thanks girl! I agree with you, too. To me, indulging here and there and moderation also keep us happier, which in turn is way more beneficial to our health than skipping out on a buttered treat here and there!

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    I literally was just thinking about this the other day. I’m reading “In Defense of Food” and I just finished a section that talks about how the replacement for butter (margarine) has actually been established as much more damaging for our health, and as you said, the underlying premise for butter being unhealthy has been largely disproven. That said, for me personally, I only ever avoided butter out of calorie concerns and that was during my dark days. After that, I never gave it much thought and just bought margarine and/or “light butter” out of habit. So this is a roundabout way of saying I’m on board, I eat butter (but not that often because I don’t eat many things that it goes with), and also mostly plants because, well, I’m vegetarian :)

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      I’ve always avoided it in large amounts due to calories, too. Currently, I buy Smart Balance and use that on toast and in other small amounts. I’m with ya on also just not really eating too many foods that contain it. Plants are where it’s at! I’ve been a vegetarian a couple of times and while I don’t eat meat often, I’ve always been reeled back in by a chicken wing (another food I almost never eat), which is kind of embarrassing to admit haha! Total lack of willpower.

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      That does sound pretty delicious! I’ve bought vegan butter before for baking and just for trial, and it wasn’t too bad. It definitely doesn’t have that creamy consistency that anyone who loves butter enjoys, but if you soften it a bit, it gets close enough!

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