Checking Out: Block Island

Happy Friday! Today sounds like a good day for a little trip…even if it’s just down memory lane.

But when you DO decide to take one, I highly, highly recommend Block Island during the spring or fall, in the off season.

Here’s what I suggest:


  1. South Light – gorgeous lighthouse with sweeping ocean views.
  2. Mohegan Bluffs– after you check out the lighthouse,you’ll see these huge and beautiful steps, which lead down to the water, where you can walk along the beach and admire everything around you.
  3. Block Island Airport– bike over to the airport around lunchtime and eat at Bethany’s Airport diner while you watch small planes land and take off!
  4. Manisses Animal Farm– This little zoo is the best! They have some interesting animals, including camels, a Scottish Highland Steer, and a yak. There are also some fainting goats and even kangaroos. They’re all people-friendly so you can get very close!


  1. Eli’s (dinner)
  2. Mohegan Cafe (Brewpub – good for lunch and dinner)
  3. Poor People’s Pub (for a quick lunch or a drink)

*Since we went during the off season, in the spring, several places that I know are great were still closed. The choices were still plentiful, but a couple of good spots were unfortunately closed. I’d still recommend skipping the summer rush and getting the island all to yourself!


You can have a drink at any spot on the island, but one of the nicest options is having your own bottle of wine and enjoying it on the porch/backyard of your inn. I highly recommend bringing your own wine, too, because the store on the island is extremely expensive since everything gets delivered from the mainland.

Don’t Miss:

  1. Biking from one end of the island to the other- there are almost no cars on the road and when you get to the island, you can rent a bike or a scooter. We went with bikes for a more earth-friendly option, and it’s great exercise!
  2. Pre-dinner drinks and appetizers at The National, where I haven’t personally been but which comes highly recommended by most people and does look beautiful. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset!
  3. Wine and Nibbles– This is something the inn we stayed at (The Avonlea) and others on the island do in the late afternoon. There’s free wine, delicious homemade cookies, small bites, and a chance to either sit on the porch or by the fireplace, and enjoy the company of other visitors at your inn.


  1. Leave your car at home, because the only way to get it here is via ferry and once you’re there, the last thing you feel like doing is driving.
  2. Rent a bike to get around. All inns have bike parking for the night.
  3. There are no hotels or chains here! It’s all adorable, privately owned inns.
  4. Bring your own wine.
  5. Take an Amtrak to Kingston, Rhode Island, and ask someone at the info booth for the phone number of a cab company. You’ll get a ride to Port Judith, RI, where you can buy a ferry ticket straight to the island. The trip from the mainland is about 1 hour.

Enjoy! Block Island is one of the BEST places when you just want to get away from it all and relax.


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      Thanks! You should definitely, definitely go! We stayed at the Avonlea Inn, which is actually that yellow house in one of the photos. It’s the closest inn to the beach, although they’re all very close. I highly recommend it and if you decide to go, send me an email if you’d like and I’ll tell you more about it! After rehashing the experience here, I want to go again and we might just end up booking a trip!

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