5 Ways to Start the Weekend Off Right

Hey guys! Happy Friday!

I hope you all have something nice and relaxing planned for the weekend. I love the endless possibilities of a plan-free Saturday morning, when everything slows down just a little bit and I can savor the little things. Such an amazing mood booster. Here’s one of my favorite routines:

1. Beverage that makes me feel good.

coffeee2. Book or magazine.

coffeeandbook3. Stretch/yoga/workout.

yogabunnies4. Let the sunshine in.

sunshine5. If it’s raining, embrace it.


ย What are some of yours? Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. says

    Love all of these suggestions! I think a good book or magazine and a chai always makes me feel happy. Standing in the sun is great and I do love the sound of rain as long as I am cozy and indoors :)

    Have a great weekend <3


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