Summer Yoga


I've been a New Englander for about 2 months now and finally, after weeks of talking about it, I began my seacoast yoga "tour" last night. My plan is to try several yoga studios and pick one that feels right for a regular yoga practice in time for the summer season. One of the [many] things I love about my new area is that we live right on the water, so most studios take their workouts to the … [Read more...]

10 Instagrams That Will Definitely Inspire You


I hate to admit it, but the first thing I do on most mornings is pick up my phone and check social media. It's a habit I should probably work on eliminating, but I love sipping my morning coffee, scrolling through Instagram, and being inspired by other people's workouts, breakfasts, walks on the beach, etc. Every week, I do a small sweep of the explore page to see what people are instagramming … [Read more...]

Does Oil Pulling Really Work? [Update]

does oil pulling really work?

Happy May! Finally. How long have we all been waiting for some summery vibes? Too long. Since it's the start of a new month, I decided now would be a good time, after weeks of testing, to finally answer the question that has been trending all over the internet since coconut oil started its moment. Is oil pulling really all its cracked up to be? My answer is: sort of. A few weeks ago I began … [Read more...]

Amazing Chicken Taco Bowls

chicken taco bowl-1

About a year ago, I set out to make my tacos better. Not only did I want to swap out white tortillas and fatty ingredients for the healthiest, freshest ones available, but I wanted to maximize flavor. This experiment ultimately led to the amazing chicken taco bowls that, after a year of delicious dinners and lunches, I realized I hadn't shared with you yet. These initially started as just … [Read more...]

Life On An Island [Part II]

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Good morning, my friends! This coming Saturday will mark one month since we picked up our NYC life and moved to a small island in New Hampshire. After about a week of being here, I gave you a little peek into our new life. Since then, I'm happy to say we still love it here. The main difference between living near a smaller city and THE city are the people. The folks here take their work/life … [Read more...]