Amazing Chicken Taco Bowls

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About a year ago, I set out to make my tacos better. Not only did I want to swap out white tortillas and fatty ingredients for the healthiest, freshest ones available, but I wanted to maximize flavor. This experiment ultimately led to the amazing chicken taco bowls that, after a year of delicious dinners and lunches, I realized I hadn't shared with you yet. These initially started as just … [Read more...]

Life On An Island [Part II]

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Good morning, my friends! This coming Saturday will mark one month since we picked up our NYC life and moved to a small island in New Hampshire. After about a week of being here, I gave you a little peek into our new life. Since then, I'm happy to say we still love it here. The main difference between living near a smaller city and THE city are the people. The folks here take their work/life … [Read more...]

Spring Mint Lemonade


Happy Friday! It's spring, there's no denying it now. It's spring, and to celebrate that I spent Thursday night getting drunk working up this adult mint lemonade for you! Just kidding, for once in my life, it came out just right on the first try. Crazy. Must be all that spring in the air. This mint lemonade pairs perfectly with a patio or deck, sunshine, and happiness. Enjoy! You … [Read more...]

The Best Apps For Everything


There's an app for that. Right? Our lives are both simplified by and cluttered with them, and I try to keep mine to a minimum because when I have too many, I inevitably forget about all of them. It's easy to get sucked into the bazillions of productivity, photo, fitness, and news apps because so many of them are beautiful and interesting and promise to solve all our dilemmas. Every month or so, … [Read more...]

Life On An Island

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Hi friends! I'm back from my two-week long hiatus with an internet connection and some stories about life on an island. Waking up to birds chirping, light streaming in through every window, and a community of people who all know each other is definitely a bit of a change after the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We are no longer confined to 375 square feet, laundry is no longer six flights up and … [Read more...]