Muddled Strawberry Mint “Lemonade”

muddled strawberry mint lemonade-1

Good morning! The sun is shining extra bright today after several days of downpours and tornado warnings, and it's a perfect Wednesday for a summery, fruity, and healthy drink on the deck. This one is suitable for anyone and everyone - there's no alcohol, sugar, or additives besides strawberries, fresh mint, and honey. Settle in with this "lemonade" during lunch or after work and Friday will seem … [Read more...]

5 Full-Body Workouts in Under 15 Minutes


Hello, friends! With just 9 days left of my DietBet, I'm starting to increase my workouts. Besides biking and yoga, I've been doing quick and simple but effective YouTube videos, none of which are longer than 12 minutes! If I'm being honest, I hate doing videos. For an effective workout, I almost always prefer to be in a group fitness setting, or outside biking, hiking, or swimming. Rarely can I … [Read more...]

Scenes From The Weekend


Hello friends! It's been too long since I've done a photo recap of my weekend, and today feels like the right time to bring that back. Saturday and Sunday were spent doing the things I fantasized about back in New York - visiting various farms, wine tasting and strolling through vineyards, and my favorite : washing the car in my backyard. What can I say - we all have dreams. I actually semi … [Read more...]

Losing Weight With DietBet

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 8.47.35 AM

Ever since DietBet came on the weight loss scene, I've been following their progress to see if it would rise to the top or flop. I thought the idea was a pretty good one to begin with, but I just never took doing it all that seriously until recently, so I was curious if people were willing to shell out cash and commit to losing weight on their own. It was Nicole over at Foodie Loves Fitness … [Read more...]

Summer Yoga


I've been a New Englander for about 2 months now and finally, after weeks of talking about it, I began my seacoast yoga "tour" last night. My plan is to try several yoga studios and pick one that feels right for a regular yoga practice in time for the summer season. One of the [many] things I love about my new area is that we live right on the water, so most studios take their workouts to the … [Read more...]